Monday, March 13, 2017

Programming for Millennials

I decided to start programming for millennials back in 2012. I had all these grand ideas about how I would take off running and millennials would love it, and they would all come to my programs. A handful did. But most of them didn't.

I started off strong, for the first two years I was hosting all sorts of programs.

Multicultural Food Nights
Better Than Therapy Book Group
Cupcake Decorating Classes
Movie Nights
Craft Night
Pumpkin Carvings

Just to name a few. And it started off great, LOADS of signups.

And slowly but surely it started tapering off.

People weren't coming. I was lucky if five people signed up, but only one person showed up.

It became frustrating, annoying, and to be honest, completely exhausting. The amount of planning and prep work going into the programs was insane.

And so I cut down on programming quite a bit. Like a lot. I was tired of putting in so much effort and having no one show up.

One thing that remained a constant though was book group. That was my only program that continued to have at least an attendance of 4 people.

Fast forward. I'm getting back into programming. I am getting excited about programming. I have a lot of programming planned for my targeted age group.

Home Organizing and Decluttering
Budget and Debt Management: How to Work With What You Have
Electronic Recycling (while not a program per say, still an initiative I have started at my library)
Money Movie

Programs I am currently working on
3 month gardening series. Topics will include:
1) Container Gardening
2) Cacti and Succulents and
3) Indoor Plant Upkeeping

I am also working on a yoga series. But trying to figure out how I will manage with space.

What programs are a hit at your library? Which programs have failed?

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