Monday, January 30, 2017

Take me to Atlanta... but don't leave me there

I attended ALA Mid-Winter in Atlanta on Jan 20 - Jan 23. It was a little something different this time since I am not part of two committees. I am part of the IFLA Europe committee and the PLA Continuing Education Advisory committee.

Saturday morning I awoke and in a frenzy rushed to attend my first committee meeting. I had to check out of my hotel (horrible experience, don't go to the Ramada). I sped off to the conference center, remembered that I should be at the Hyatt, quickly drove over only to find out that that was my second meeting and that my first meeting was back at the conference center. SO, by the time I sped back it was near over.

I did get to meet everyone on the IFLA Europe committee and put names to faces from emails. I was also given a summary of what I had missed as well as what would be expected of me. The meeting went a little over time, then I had to wait for the shuttle before rushing back to the Hyatt for the PLA meeting. I was a hot mess that Saturday morning.

I did hit the exhibit hall and got a ton of loot before having to rush off for me 'Money Smart Week' program. This was important to me because I had hosted a 'money smart' program last year and wanted more information. Learn more on the website here to get started on your own 'Money Smart Week.

Sunday was a whole other feat all together. I woke on Sunday had breakfast at our new hotel (Red Lion) and they had the coolest silverware/woodware for eating! So awesome how recycle friendly they were.

I quickly headed downtown with the promise of free picture books and a session I was interested in attending. Only to be hit with five blocks of traffic in every direction. They were having their 5k/10k hot chocolate run. And not only that, the NFL football game was happening. The Falcons against the Packers. 

Long story short, two hours later, lots of frustration and tears, a call to the cops, a 20 minute walk to the convention, missing both our free picture books and my session, we made me. It was a pretty exhausting day.

Finally, Monday arrived with a storm in tow. We were able to stay until 2 p.m. before we booked it to Walmart to purchase two more luggage, before racing off to the airport and our delayed flight. And even with all the delayed time, we made it to the gate as the last people being checked in. Atlanta was a wild ride from start to finish.

My husband came and picked us up from the airport and had flowers as a surprise for me. It was a nice ending to a exhausting yet exciting conference . 

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