Wednesday, June 22, 2016

No one likes a bully

I decided to stop at Macy's today as I was heading back home. The Macy's I go to has a super big parking lot since its part of the mall, and for once, I saw an empty spot near the entrance between a cluster of cars. As I pulled into a spot I noticed the face of the lady on my left scrunch up. I thought nothing of it since the sun was out on full blast. I wait till she gets in her car and open my door. As soon as I step out I hear "why'd you have to park here, there are lots of other spots". UHM. 

Well lady, I'll give you a list of reasons. One, I'm fasting, so the least amount of walking I have to do in the sun between getting to my car and my place of destination is much preferable. Two, I can park wherever I wanna park in this lot. Three, I parked perfectly, you had no issue getting into your car, what exactly is your issue here. Four, I'm not in the mood for you. 

I guess subconsciously after seeing her scrunched up face my guard went up. Rather than be frozen in the moment, I was responsive in it. So I stopped and said "is there a problem?" To which she responds "no, no problem" as she stared dead ahead and didn't look at me. Well that's great, then why did you feel the need to say something to me?

I can probably tell you why. Because often times people are baffled by something someone says that they don't respond. This allows the person who said something think that they are right/allowed to say things that are mean/rude/unnecessary to people who've they've never met before. Another reason they feel it's okay to do this is because they've done it before in front of other people and no one spoke up. I know with the craziness in the world it's hard to stand up for someone because of fear for your own safety. This is completely understandable. But it's also important to remember that if we aren't part of the solution then we are part of the problem. Often times these people who spit venom from their lips need a reminder that they can't say what they want. And that reminder is as simple as saying, "hey, that's unacceptable". And hopefully when that happens, they will crawl back under the rock from which they came. 

I wasnt tooting my own horn when I said I parked perfectly between my lines.

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  1. WOW! What a rude "rhymes with witch." Some people are just butts. Good for you for saying something!