Thursday, August 11, 2016

When patrons want your help then dont listen to you

I had an elderly woman come in requesting help with her tablet through a book-a-librarian appointment (an uninterrupted hour of one on one help with a librarian). I sat with her to see what she needed. She wanted to access her email, her Facebook, the news and to look up obituaries of people she knew.

As I was taking her across different platforms we ended up on American Action News. In the top right hand corner there was a survey that was titled "DO YOU SUPPORT TRUMP" (yes) or (no). She turns to me eagerly, "yes, yes I support him, how do I support him?". Me, being the hijabi librarian that I am , who is probably going to get deported or forced to wear a label if Trump becomes president. Even though (and this might be mind boggling for him) I was born here, smiles and says "you can click here and fill out the form" (because of course, job comes first).

As she fills out the form she turns to me again and says "I really like Trump". I smile and nod pointing out what she needs to fill. "even though I am a Democrat, I support Trump and want him to know". I smile and nod, encourages her to continue in order not to get into a political debate. "Now Trump will know and my vote will count". I smile and nod... no wait.

Me: "This is not actually voting, you need to go to the polls during the election for that"
Her: "No, no. I am voting now, this is what it is."
Me: "No... this is just an online survey, you need to go to the polls for that during the election for it to count".
Her: "No, they do everything online now, this is where I vote".

*continues attempting to tell her how voting works*

Me: *attempts to correct her again, sees the determination in her eyes, and stops* "okay, since you're done, hit submit"

As an information professional, it is my job to pass on CORRECT information. However, if you choose not to believe me, that's on you. Here is to many more Trump supporters who support him online and don't actually go to the polls.

As Dewey says, "I don't have to like you to help you".

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